A downloadable game for Windows

The annual Harvest Festival is here and you’re aiming for first place! Grab your favorite watering can, find some sunshine, and grow your greens to the…beat…?

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 52!
Submission link: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/52/greenfinger


  • An intrepid farmer apprentice (that's you!) with her eyes on the prize
  • Three ska-tacular songs to grow your skartichoke to
  • Song select mode for all you hardcore rhythm farmers (?) out there


  • chunderfins
  • jummbus
  • Miragey
  • NomnomNami
  • npckc

Get the soundtrack on Bandcamp: https://chunderfins.bandcamp.com/album/greenfinger-ost


Bug fix: Tweaked song 2 beat syncing, lowered required score for good ending


Greenfinger!.zip 22 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the file and play Greenfinger!.exe.

Development log


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Did a stream of the game, honestly do like what's here but the way the judgement line doesn't have a late timing was not very fun...


i would love to play this it looks so fun! any chance it will come to mac OS anytime soon? big fan of all of your work!


Cute game!

But I got confused a bit. All the triangles look the same. And the ASDF is not standard WASD. Also I suck at rhythm games.

But I really loved the ska!

And I would love to see this on a DDR mat. :D

Kinda late to the party, but this game is gewd, beat game is not my forte but it's is very enjoyable, 10/10 will sing to plant again XD

if only - a mac user


this is literally adorable omg


it's very cool and cute and has moderate difficulty and 3 DAYS?!!?!?? REALLY? such cool stuff for 3 days


I am to bad at rhythm to play D: but it is cute


Holy cow! This game was really fun(hard)! The art style and story are endearing, and the mechanics were super intuitive and fluid! Loved playing this one xD


THE FIRST PLACE CUTSCENE IS SO GOOD.... AND THIS IS A REALLY FUN LITTLE RHYTHM GAME!!! Art and aesthetic are splendid, and the music is genuinely lovely!!! I'm not very good at 4-button rhythm games, but... certainly had a lot of fun replaying until I got the vaunted first place and its subsequent reward... 



I had a fun time with this! The art style is cute and colorful. The puns were pretty punny. The music was also pretty catchy!

Some feedback:

-That 2nd song felt like it had some awkward timings for me. I felt like the notes didn’t match up to the rhythm of the song compared to the 1st and 3rd song, which felt pretty tightly in-sync.

-I often had difficulties determining if two notes were supposed to be played at the same time. Again, might be a personal thing but my attention was often divided to one side of the screen or the other. That means I didn’t clearly see when two notes were supposed to be played at the same time. I know there’s a line at the bottom of the bar to show timings but trying to figure out when/if those notes line up isn’t immediately clear before you have to hit them.

I hope my feedback wasn’t too critical, it’s a pretty great game given the jam’s time limit! And I’m always willing to admit the issues I had with it might be a skill issue on my end.

Overall, great work on this!

(1 edit) (+2)

Our programmer took a long at the timing of the second song, should be improved and fairer to play now!


adorable and fantastic!! had a great time (after i stopped pressing right instead of up oops)

i love how bouncy everything is!!


it's so cute! i can't do better than 3rd place but i had fun trying!