squish into the train
individuals as one
a can of sardines

A deep-sea train-catching simulator made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 54!
Submission link: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/54/packed-to-the-gills

(Downloading the game is recommended over playing in browser for better performance!)


  • Four fishy levels with lots and lots of trains (regular, express, and maybe even special?)
  • An endless current of sea creatures to get uncomfortably close to
  • Groovy underwater beats to wash away the stress of commuting
  • Unlockable bonus modes and high score tracker


  • chunderfins
  • DonutShoes
  • damifortune (HVB)
  • NomnomNami
  • npckc

Soundtrack is available on Bandcamp!


Packed2theGills-1.0-pc.zip 61 MB
Packed2theGills-1.0-mac.zip 56 MB

Development log


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nice game! i enjoyed it


Such a Silly Game! I really enjoyed it! I like the Unlimited and Rush Hour challenges it gives a simple game good replay value!

Coooool ! 😊👍

this was suuuuuper cool to just find and play, thank you so much game dev!

got that more-ish try againness to it!

I loved this, such a cute game!! Letting Joel on first is my biggest joy in life <3

I've included Packed To The Gills in a compilation of games from the Ludum Dare 54 game jam @ 1:19:07

NomnomNami + Fish = good.


Perfect execution of a simple but clever concept. It all just works.



super polished for such a short dev time!! the art is charming and cute with LOTS of personality. the ramp up in mechanics was done so well. the controls are simple and intuitive. it even runs smoothly on a web browser. i wish all trains and mode of transport came with this groovy of a soundtrack

It really hits with the haikus. I wish this music plays whenever i enter a train.

so cool



Fishy Tetris

when will we see mr. sardine in a T-Spin Triple scenario?

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When Mr. Sardine hits you with that back to back BT canoon into PC loop...


This game is just perfect!


Oh my goodness, this is stellar! I never would've guessed this was made for Ludum Dare, it's super polished and even has bonus modes!!! I struggled a little at first but quickly picked it up, and I love the cute art, the characters, the music, and everything about it. Plus I REALLY appreciate that (aside from the bonus modes) you don't fail for not getting enough right.

- ✨Beth

You only got 72 hours to make this and this is gorgeous! 

I had fun! My main problem was with the controls that I didn't understand. I was using the arrows and just get crashed... It wasn't obvious that I had to click on the icons in the left corner. Just some minor UX adjustment and I'm sure it's perfect!

I really had fun playing this, it took me a bit to get the feel for it but I absolutely love it! Great job and thank you for sharing your work with us.

Here's a video of my gameplay if anyone would like to see:

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Such a cute fun game that is the perfect length to explore the idea. I spent more time trying to beat rush hour mode then i care to admit  

Thank you so much for making this fun and cute game. Here is the gameplay... Enjoy~ :-D


cute silly liltle commuting game with english haiku brought me back to when there're only two subway lines in the city

love this game

Cute and fun art, relaxing gameplay, and excellent tunes.................... Yet again, another win for the moonlightjammers, pff. THANKS NY'ALL FOR MAKING THIS!!!

Super mignon et terriblement drôle. Le concept est super addictif !

This is super cute! I wish I was as flexible as the sardines

This deep-sea train-catching simulator takes a simple concept and turns it into an incredibly enjoyable and addicting experience.


FISHY in a tightly packed space! 🐟🎤

This is very cute - and very well done! The perfect length for the concept. I hope you make lots more games!

It was so incredibly satisfying and the poetry, artwork, and music hit JUST right!

That was incredible, so much fun to play it, thank you.

Quite a silly game. Very cute


very charming, love the extra modes and high score tracker. and it actually worked great in web for me!

it makes me think of an ultra-cute deepsea metro :3

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This is really good for a game made so quickly!
It has a clever and funny main idea, and it's great how it finds ways to make it more and more involved and challenging as it goes along.
Very fun and satisfying sound effects and music, and nice work on the drawings as well.


so cute, i love it!!