A downloadable game for Windows

You’re a rain delivery cloud at Cloud Academy, but you’re on your way to flunking the year!

(Nobody told you that raining cats and dogs wasn’t meant to be literal...)

Pass these rainy assignments or you’ll be stuck on golf course sprinkler duty all summer!

A side-scrolling rain shooting (?) game made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 53!
Submission link: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/53/rain-on-their-parade


  • Three stages for you to rain down on!
  • Cute targets for you to deliver your rain showers to (or not, depending!)
  • Rainy mood soundtrack with comfy beats


  • chunderfins
  • DonutShoes
  • damifortune (HVB)
  • jummbus
  • Miragey
  • NomnomNami
  • npckc

*For gamepad support, make sure the gamepad is plugged in before starting the game. Not all gamepads are supported!

Get the soundtrack on Bandcamp:


rain.zip 90 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the file and play rain.exe.

Development log


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Was not prepared or good at it, but had a great time with it!
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Absolutely adorable game with actually fun mechanics!

I know this is entirely not the point and gushed over helping a schoolgirl win over a crush myself, but I dare you people to beat my highscore :d

This was cute! your game starts at 6:48

Can you make the game's soundtrack available on youtube or just a zip file? The music is really good to hear!


A collage with my high score and game's three ending for people interested.


A LITTLE LATE TO PLAYING THIS, BUT DANG IS IT CUTE AS HECK... AND THE GAMEPLAY IS FUN, TOO, IF A BIT TRICKY..... AND THE MUSIC IS GREAT ;o; The title theme especially..... So vibe-y......... Also the second stage!!!!!!!!! God........... We love it when the game's gay as hell. And we love it when it's also cute as hell. BUT WE ALSO LOVE IT WHEN THE GAME IS SILLY........ Ghghgh. Anyway, yes, fun game.

Thank you ny'all for making it!!!!!!

I can't believe you guys made this in 72 hours! It was a ton of fun and the music was fire. Loved it! 

I enjoyed this cute game! A lot tougher than it looks!


I really loved this game! Thank you for making this. I wasn't the best at it, but had fun!

Here's my gameplay if anyone is interested:


Made a video


The sprites, the way the background moved, and the music were all in harmony with the artwork, which had a nice atmosphere!

I liked the gentle story of helping something by getting the subject soaking wet in the rain.


Great music and this is absolutely adorable!


i just happen to follow Nomnomnami's work and Npckc! what an awesome coincidence


Lovely game!



None of the dev team knew this game existed! Whaddaya know. 


Really cute game! Also, sorry teachers and flowers, I had to prioritize keeping the umbrella up


This was freaking ADORABLE! I love the little rained on look everyone had. (Also everyone has NAMES XDXD) It gets harder with each level I think (The ska plants seemed to need more water) but it was never so much that it was impossible. <3


Well done on this! It was a creative idea, and pretty fun to play. There's always something that you've got to watch out for, so you've got to be on your toes and be quick with your controls, but at the same time it never got so intense that it was stressful. It was really nice to look at, and the music makes you feel really happy!


So cute haha, I love the art. Especially the cloud ^^


So cute! And fun!! it has the perfect amount of challenge as the levels progress :D The music is lovely and I really enjoyed the art~


this is amazing


ahh i love this!!! so wholesome all around. the cute romances and rivalries. the blessed soundtrack. the adorable characters. <3 <3 <3


Wow!  These mechanics are intuitive and really intriguing.  I love how moving up and down changes intensity and so the game becomes all about positioning and such.  Made the levels really intriguing!

Also, the music was awesome!

Also also!  You can do it Anna!  Got getcha girl!!  I'll keep raining on your parade until it happens :D

Good job all!  Great game!